Zumba Shake Shake Shake™

SSS_All_PouchesShakes are my go-to for after class or that long break between lunch and dinner!  Not only do they keep me energized, but they are usually packed with much healthier ingredients than I would find in other snack choices.

Given my love of shakes, I was excited to hear that Zumba® recently came out with its new Zumba Shake Shake Shake™.  As soon as I saw it advertised I was ready to give it a try.

The great thing about the Zumba® shakes is that they are high in protein but low in sugar!  I have a few other protein heavy bars that I also love and will curb my appetite, but they are usually packed with lots of sugar.


Taste Test and Opinion

The first flavor I tried was ‘La Vida Mocha’.   I took it to work with me thinking it would be easy to shake up the mix with some water in my blender bottle.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to blend the two together and it came out lumpy and chalky.

I decided to give it another try, this time adding milk and using a blender, and it made all the difference!  Since then, I’ve had fun making up my own recipes and trying out the different flavors.  I love both the ‘Thrilla in Vanilla’ and ‘Coco Loco’!

What is also great is that on ZumbaShake.com they have recipes on how to make the shake into a light snack or into a healthy meal supplement.

Ordering Zumba Shake Shake Shake™

If you want to order your own Zumba Shake Shake Shake™, you can go to the website, here. Don’t forget to use the code H2DFitness to receive $30 off your order!!!

Happy dancing!