Weight Loss

Fitness and health should be thought of as a journey, not a destination.  In order to reach my fitness goals I had to evaluate my life and habits.  Losing weight is not a mystery.  We all know the ‘secret’ is eating less and moving more.  However, after a lifetime of falling into bad routines, it can be hard to restart a new healthier lifestyle.

During my journey I have found a few products that have helped keep my energy up and provided the nutrients I need while not making me feel like I was restricting myself.


Keeping up my energy level can be really difficult.  There are two things that help me sustain an active lifestyle.  The first is drinking a shake daily.  I have noticed that if I skip drinking a shake I end up eating more and feeling less motivated.  The second is powder I add to my water during and after working out.  It is called Afterburn and it has been a lifesaver for keeping my energy up while teaching.