Getting Started in Group Fitness

When I first started teaching group fitness classes I had a hard time finding answers to the many questions I had.  In the hopes that I can be helpful to any new instructors just starting on their journey, I decided to compile all of the advice I have in one handy spot!

Happy dancing!


1.  How do I become a Zumba® instructor?

To become a certified Zumba® instructor you must complete a one day training.  The training typically last from around 9 am to 5 pm depending on the location. To sign up, simply go to the Zumba® website and search for an upcoming training in your area.  Also, if you are a student you can get 20% off instructor training by registering with UniDays.

2.  Do I need to get an ACE or AFAA certification to teach group fitness?

This usually depends on the gym and the format you are teaching.  Not all require the ACE or AFAA to start teaching, however some do, or will give you a time-frame in which you need to get one.  Ultimately, it is a good thing to have even if you are not required to have it because it will make you a better instructor and a more desirable employee.  You can look for more information about the ACE certification here, or the AFAA certification here.  (I have heard that you can usually find sales in February for the ACE certification!)

3.  Do I need to get First Aid and CPR certified?

Yes, and usually you will be required to get the First Aid and CPR with AED.  Some gyms hold the training at their location, but many will require that you find a training on your own.  I would recommend visiting the Red Cross website and finding a training.  There are online courses available, but they are not as good and not all employers will accept them.