How to Prepare for a Dance Fitness Audition

Each audition/interview I have had for a dance fitness job has been different.  One of the gyms asked for me to prepare a full playlist and then I preformed it for my interviewer.   Yet for another, I never met with anyone in charge of hiring.  Instead I was put on a substitute list and after receiving positive reviews from the members I was offered my own class.

Although all gyms have their own process and each will require different preparation, I have compiled a list of the best advice I have seen to get ready for a group fitness audition!

  • As with all interviews – be early!
  • Be prepared!  Arrive with any required certifications.  Have your gym bag organized with back up music.
  • Know the modifications of different high impact moves used in your routine.
  • Know the proper form of moves.  If you are using squats or lunges – know how to demonstrate and describe the movement to your participants.
  • Practice your cueing!  (I prefer non-verbal, but some gyms like verbal – so know both!)
  • Have your Introduction Speech practiced!
  • Visit the facility and join in on classes to get a feel of the environment.
  • Improvise if you mess up – I messed up on my first ever audition, and started a move 8 beats too early.  I just played it off as if I was introducing the step early so the ‘class’ was ready.  The interviewer noticed, but she also noticed that I didn’t stop and didn’t make a big
    deal out of my mistake.  Even experienced instructors mess up, but being able to not let it phase you is key.
  • Know your routine – practice, practice, practice!  Video yourself.  Dance in front of a mirror.  Listen to your music while washing the dishes.  The audition is nerve-racking, but knowing your routine will give you confidence.
  • Wear proper workout attire, but remember its still a job interview!  Nothing see-through or that shows too much skin.  However, group fitness is meant to be fun, so having something that is louder or more sparkly than your regular office job interview is good.
  • Consider other formats you may be interested in learning.  Many gyms want instructors who can teach more than one format.  Even if you are only certified in one, look at what the gym currently offers and consider learning new skills.  The hiring managers love to hear that you are willing to take on new types of classes.
  • Be open to feedback.  It will help you improve for future classes and auditions!

If you are looking for more advice on how to improve your teaching skills, you can check out these books:






Happy Dancing!

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