Season’s Greetings!

Colette   December 28, 2016   1 Comment on Season’s Greetings!


Since it can be hard to stay gym-bound motivated this 15731213_678519471346_465996406_ntime of year, I wanted to give a little gift to my students who were able to make it out to classes this last week.

I saw some amazing ideas that other instructors have done, but I average about 30 students per class and I needed something that wasn’t going to be too hard on my bank account.

I thought these Zumba® bracelets were the perfect solution.  I found the tags at my local HEB (Texas grocery store, y’all!), and purchased ten 6-pack of bracelets off of for only .99 each!  (Black Friday special for ZIN).  I also found the bracelets on Amazon for only $2.99 15782035_678519476336_1837425252_n– still a really good deal!

I hope you all have an amazing last few days of 2016!

Happy Dancing!


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